Civil Engineering


Civil Engineering

BCE is a one stop shop for all your Civil Engineering needs. Our expert engineers have over 300 years of combined industry leading experience, advanced technical skills based on mathematics, physics and mechanics, as well as in-depth knowledge of all local codes. Our engineers are critical thinkers, committed to client goals, schedule, budget, safety and providing custom solutions with end users in mind. We strive to innovate and improve on solutions for our clients, with quality control and quality assurance at the forefront of all that we do.


  • Civil Design
  • Site Planning and Development
  • Permitting
  • Environmental
  • Water, Stormwater and Wastewater
  • Underground Utilities
  • Roads and Highways
  • Parking
  • Grading and Erosion Control
  • Trails
  • Parks
  • Survey
  • Geotechnical
  • Wetland Mitigation
  • Aquatic Organism Passages
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